Sotogrande can almost be described as an effortless eutopia, with endless possibilities and opportunities to increase the sphere of knowledge, and broaden your horizons in numerous varied ways. There are excessive opportunities and quality experiences to be exposed to throughout the entire area, many of which are situated in the gorgeous Sotogrande port.

 Active fitness

2 Gyms are located within the Sotogrande port. Working out is an excellent opportunity to cleanse any bad vibes accumulated throughout the day, or week, depending on your frequency of visiting the facilities. Sotogrande prides itself on maximum variety and enjoyment, meaning any alterations they can make that will benefit their populous, they expect themselves to do with optimum efficiency as soon as they can. Both of the in-house gyms are equipped with high-quality machinery and can be accessed with ease, OneforOne roughly around 50 meters away from the main road, and Gimanisio Puerto De Sotogrande directly next to the road.

Other varied exercise activities are very encouraged in Sotogrande, with the presence of a plethora of pilates, yoga, and other wellness exercise shops and centres scattered around the winding turns and houses of Soto.

asador Cacnha

Sotogrande prides itself in having a grand variety of different cultures and cuisines in the form of the restaurant industry. Soto prides itself in having some of the best food, for anyone, anytime, anywhere. From a stunning Neopolitan rendition of pizza served at Portobello to some of the most creative innovative vegan food served at Pura Vita. Restaurants like Cancha II totally different serving impressive displays of varied meat cooked in different ways, giving you the choice of restaurant, as well as the choice regarding the preference of cooking. Sotogrande makes sure that no matter your food preferences, demands and choices they will incorporate something for you.

The nightlife is very respectable in Sotogrande, with numerous beach clubs and bars suitable for enjoying music and dancing long into the night, take your pick between the fierce rivalry of Chambao and Bahia Limon situated no less than 100 meters away from each other. Take your pick! Or venture to the other side of the port and enjoy a spot of watersport with your G and T at Gigi’s beach. Party all into the night as all beach clubs shut between 3-4 AM, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the evening and the beauty of the setting sun.


Sotogrande is accustomed to high levels of sporting professionals, the meaning of course there have to be high standard sporting facilities for a multitude of different activities. There are 2 pristine racquet clubs in sotogrande close to the port, which offer similar prices and 2 different styles of padel courts, with glass surrounding and concrete, giving once again the opportunity to personalise your experience how you want it.

La Reserva Club Sotogrand

An extension of Sotogrande is the endless opportunities included within the gated community of La Reserva, with its own racquet club, giving people a more private and luxury experience than the more public clubs. Alongside its beach club, with an artificial lake and beach, alongside bars and pools and food trucks. Giving you that unique beach experience in a more controlled and relaxed environment. La Reserva also has a stunning 18-hole golf course weaving around the houses and villas of the urbanizations, adding an extra dimension to an already stunning location. Golf courses however are not scarce around Sotogrande, with multiple other options outside of La Reserva, such as Real Club De Sotogrande with reviews detailing it to be one of the best courses in Southern Spain, Valderrama, an exclusive and well-known course due to its role as the host of the Andalucia Masters every year. Sotogrande is surrounded by beautiful golf courses, Golf Club La CaƱada has one of the best free golf academies in the world for juniors, with players such as Alvaro Quiros hailing from it, leaving no doubts to the credibility of the claim of its greatness.

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