We currently live for much of the time in the UK and bought a property near Sotogrande in 2020. We engaged Gem Estates as our managing agents and without doubt they enable us to fully enjoy the time we spend here in Spain.

They provide us with a range of services all of which are first class – cleaners at a time that suits us, a number of reliable contractors ranging from electricians and plumbers to IT service providers and receive all of our deliveries when needed. All work arranged by them has been of a very good standard.

Nothing is too much trouble for Katya and Aga and their default answer is always a Yes. Speaking many languages fluently, as they both do, helps a lot when dealing with suppliers and our neighbours. On several occasions they have come over to our property at short notice to deal with unforeseen emergencies – this gives us great peace of mind.

Overall, we delight in their attention to detail and would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Rod and Daryl

No words can describe how great Gem is! They have been a wonderful service. In every possible aspect!

This is not a regular property management service. Gem offers a lot more! From concierge services, consulting, and basically everything one needs when living abroad.

Owning a property in this heavenly part of the planet is definitely a privilege. But living away part of the year is also very challenging and sometimes downright stressful.

Gem takes all of that worry away. They have a great network of providers. They know the region like the back of their hands and they’re great communicators. Their professionalism is exceptional, not to mention that they have lovely people with a genuinely good heart.

I believe the main reason they excell at this is the fact that the founders have been confronted with the same challenges years ago. They relocated to Spain with their families and they had to overcome every challenge. Their unparalleled empathy allows them to help their clients have an easier path. Combined with their refined taste and high standards makes for an exceptional service.

It’s also worthy of notice that the fact that they are worldly and of international background makes a huge difference. Communicating with someone who both understands where you are and where you come from is an asset that can’t be underestimated!

Being a client for the rest of my life is a no-brainer. I can only highly recommend Gem to fellow neighbours in the region, your life is truly about to get a lot better!

Elliott LOUCIF

We have had the pleasure of working with Gem Estates since their inception and I could not recommend their services more. Both Aga and Katya are a pleasure to work with; they are both personable, attentive and extremely knowledgeable.

From managing our property in Sotogrande, liaising with contractors and troubleshooting problems as they arise, Aga and Katya feel more like concierges. They use their extensive knowledge of the area to provide the best value in connections and services and are always on hand with helpful advice.

Gem Estates provided a comprehensive service for us, from full time management of the house, oversight of development work, vehicle maintenance and administration. Nothing we have asked of them has been too much trouble and I think you would be hard-pushed to find a more reliable and friendly team to work with in Sotogrande.

Sara & Pepe Parra

I highly recommend Gem Estates as Property Managers. It is reassuring to know that our rental properties, which were our family homes for years, is now being managed and cared for with the same level of pride we expect of our own home. We have been very impressed with the professionalism of both Katya and Aga who were extremely friendly and helpful, making us feel confident in their abilities.

Amanda Charles

We are delighted to be able to recommend you both to other potential clients for management of any property size. We found that you have been responsive to all our needs. I felt that you have been honest in dealing with us about the realistic cost of improving the property for renting as well as other costs involved in getting new clients to the property. I would certainly recommend Gem Estates to other people and look forward to providing additional references for some other rental properties.

Stuart Barnes

We have tested several management companies before we worked with Gem Estates due to high expectations of management. These ladies are the only ones that have delivered consistently. Gem Estates has been proactive on providing management, advisory and concierge services to all my family.

Tom & Claire Partridge

Gemspace have been our key holders for the last 3 years.

They have provided exceptional support not only with arranging cleaning etc. But with taking delivery of items via couriers on our behalf thus negating the need to remain at our villa until the courier arrives.
Both Aga and Katya go out of their way to help.

For ourselves they also helped with a problem we incurred out of working hours.

David & Gillan